Safe parts from known suppliers

The market opens up!

At, we have extensive experience with spare parts and we have worked both with manufacturers' parts and alternative parts. Like the market for spare parts for passenger cars, the market for parts for agricultural machinery is changing. More and more options are becoming available in parallel with new EU directives that loosen the manufacturer's ability to monopolize parts and service, leading to increased competition and better prices for you. The alternative market contains everything from cheap, poor copies to other parts that equal or surpass the manufacturer's parts. The big known filter manufacturers are of course the ones who also supply the manufacturer's parts.

Our promise to you

At, we choose to only deliver parts that we know have recognized high quality. We take great pride in ensuring that you, as a customer, feel safe with the parts you buy from us and that they fit your particular machine. That's why we work with a selection of parts from Mann, Mahle, Donaldson, Fleetguard and HIFI who are all known quality filter suppliers. You can always feel safe with parts from, if you have any questions - get in touch!

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