Sweat plates for shot putts and ball gloves

Gustaf Karlsson2022-12- 1

Bullets are available in both versions where they are placed in an existing sleeve or cassette, e.g. on a tractor that already has the option of switching between different types of traction. But more and more people want to be able to use ball bearings for other applications and then other solutions are needed.

Search by original number/reference number - dear child has many names

Gustaf Karlsson2022-1-13

Regardless of whether you want to search for an original number, another filter manufacturer's number, or another reference number, you can do it with us. Learn more about how it works in the background!

Ball hitch for tractor and excavator - learn more!

Gustaf Karlsson2022-1- 4

Ball joints are a safe form of coupling, developed for the greater loads that machines and implements are subjected to today. Read more about how you should think when choosing bullet pulls and which variants are available.

4 oil filters for a tractor!

Gustaf Karlsson2021-11-22

At Kespa, we have worked on identifying all the variants that exist of the models we have in our e-commerce. This means that you can easily choose a model, then make your choice of equipment and receive only the parts that suit your particular machine. Good, is not it?