Svetsplattor till kuldrag och kulhandskar

Welding plates for bullet pulls and ball gloves

Gustaf Karlsson

More and more people are discovering the advantages of ball hitches instead of hitch or fork-type with a bolt. You get a more secure connection that better copes with today's loads, while at the same time comfort is affected by the disappearance of play that causes jerkiness.

Bullets with cassette

Bullets are available in both versions where they are placed in an existing sleeve or cassette, e.g. on a tractor that already has the option of switching between different types of traction. But more and more people want to be able to use ball bearings for other applications and then other solutions are needed.

Kuldrag K80 70x70 by Kespa AB Kuldrag 5949

Welding plates and screw plates for bolt-on ball bearings and ball gloves

In the event that you do not have a ready-made cartridge, but want to attach a bullet pull to e.g. an excavator it is common to attach to the dozer blade. It makes it easy to connect and disconnect a cart. Some excavators have bolt holes in the blade that can fit, but in other cases a weld plate or screw plate is required. We have welding and screw plates with different hole patterns suitable for the majority of our boltable pulls. You will find them all here.

K80 ball bearing boltable M20 140x80 by Kespa AB Ball bearing 6041

The other application could be when you have an existing cart or tool that needs to be adapted to fit a ball glove. Then a welding plate can also be used.

Ball glove K80 110x100 M16 by Kespa AB Ball glove 5974

Some implements, e.g. from Väderstad, are often prepared and have a bolt action. If you want to switch to ball strokes there, check the hole pattern and find the right stroke for you. Our suppliers are reliable suppliers such as Scharmüller and Walterscheid.

Worth considering

Remember to check how you are allowed to load your machine when changing strokes. The pulls are often typed for a certain load (specifications are often available from the manufacturers), but how it looks in the specific case is influenced by your machine and how you assemble. Always think of safety first.